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Take a look at the beautiful smiles our doctors have helped keep healthy for our patients at Tooth Fairy World.

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Lawanda H "Dr V, I want you to be my dentist for the rest of my life"  Lawanda H.



"I've been with Dr.V since I was about 2yrs Old, I'm 22 now and I am still with her!!!     She kept up with my teeth for years! I love her with all my heart and will continue to make routine visits with her for as long as I can!"  Chelsea B.    


"I have been a patient of Dr. Vitiello since I was 2 years old along with all of my siblings. I am now 25 and continue to see Dr. Vitiello. I have moved away from Chicago and I always tell people, "I fly home just to go to the dentist." Dr. Vitiello always makes time for her patients and runs her practice with the utmost integrity. I am terrified of the dentist and to this day, the only thing that calms me in the chair is when Dr. Vitiello says "it's okay sweetheart" or "we can stop if you need a break, honey." I hope that in the next few years I will have children that will be able to have their own memories of Tooth Fairy World and Dr. Vitiello."  Jen P.


Children of Valerie Warner "My kids love Dr. V"  Valerie Warner



Scoop Jackson, ESPN "For almost 15 years my family and I have been coming to Tooth Fairy World and Dr. Vitiello for all of our dental and oral care. Their expert knowledge, open and honest advice and suggestions, and exceptionally warm service have been at the core of why we have not looked anywhere else for dental services/care and why we will continue to remain their clients. My wife and I personally have been to many dentists throughout our lives and have had great experiences, but the ones we trust out kids with are the dentists at Tooth Fairy World."  Scoop Jackson, ESPN



The M Family"Dr. Vittiello has been a part of our family's "village" for 12 years (and counting) now. Our 15-year old son was only three years old when we were referred to her office by a friend to begin his dental well-check visits. From the very first appointment it was apparent that she is a gifted physician, one who easily connects with children and their caregivers.    

At one point in time our insurance coverage changed, so we decided to try another local dentist to care for our growing family. It only took one visit for us to decide that it was well worth paying more out-of-pocket for our sons' dental appointments, and we went running back to Dr. Vittiello.

In addition to being a wonderful dentist and individual, she understands the reality of caring for a large family and has been very generous with her payment plans, as well as discounts when appropriate for families with multiple children.   

In summary, if you are looking for a worry-free dental experience for your child(ren), you need look no further. She has offices on both the North and South sides of the city, and is one of Chicago's BEST!"  The M. Family

More Testimonials for our Lincoln Park Office 

"My 2 year daughter recently was seen at this location for her first ever dental appointment (and I was able to get in a week).
The staff was great, and they treated my daughter with so much care.  They made her first dentist experience a great one! She talked about the dentist all the way home!!" Chanel R.  

"I absolutely love this office. The doctors and the staff are wonderful. Never any waiting. Awesome care, gentle and caring with the kids, thorough and practical care. Billing and appointments are NEVER a problem. It's always a worry free process. I drive a long way to get there and I don't mind one bit. It's all so with it!" Elizabeth D. 

"I absolutely love this office. The doctors and the staff are wonderful. Never any waiting. Awesome care, gentle and caring with the kids, thorough and practical care. Billing and appointments are NEVER a problem. It's always a worry free process. I drive a long way to get there and I don't mind one bit. It's all so with it!"  Monique G.  

"Dr. Vitiello has been my daughter's dentist since she was 2 years old. Dr. Vitiello is kind, patient, careful, down to earth and considerate. Her staff is equally competent and pleasant. The office is laid back and calm. We have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes for our appointment. I would highly recommend this pediatric dental practice." Barbara S. 

"I have been bringing my daughters to this practice for about 11 years and I have nothing but praise for Tooth Fairy World. They primary see Dr. Soh and she is a dedicated and warm professional. The staff is helpful and considerate and I have never had to wait an inordinate amount of time at this practice. My daughters now have a healthy respect for their dental hygiene thanks to the encouragement from--and positive experiences--at TFW." T. Camille H. 

"Dr. V has been our kids dentist for 10 years now and we think Dr V. is GREAT! I have two kids who were both SUPER anxious at the dentist when they were young (to the point where they had use oxygen and lie on me with my arms around them while Dr. V did the exam) and Dr. V. was patient, calm, and made my kids feel as comfortable as possible...which made the situation better for me! I feel like she truly loves kids and loves her work. She also allows parents to be present which many dentists would not. I have never had billing issues and her staff is friendly! We drive a long way to see Dr. V and I cannot imagine going to any other pediatric dentist! (And by the way....now both my kids actually look forward to their visits! :))" Kim C. 

More Testimonials for our Hyde Park Office  

"I absolutely love this place! Dr. Vitiello and her staff are amazing! They are beyond patient and very reassuring to small children. My daughter had to get two cavities filled. She was terrified of the Xray and refused to get it done the first time. Dr. Vitiello was understanding and told us to take as long as we needed in an effort to calm my daughter down. When she finally calmed down, she was able to take the Xray without a problem and then proceeded to get her cavities filled. While in the chair, Dr. Vitiello and her assistant spoke to my daughter warmly and were very gentle in handling her fears. She had a great experience and is looking forward to the next time she had to go in for a cleaning. I highly recommend this place!" Crystal B. 

"My son absolutely loves this dentist office!! The environment is definitely kid-friendly and very welcoming!! We are typically in and out when we visit for an appointment!! I highly recommend this dentist office to other parents looking for a new dentist office! Thank you Dr. Vitiello." Carla S. 

"I love coming here to get my teeth cleaned. Everyone is so polite, efficient and professional. I have been coming here since I was 12, I'm now in college and still come to see Dr. V, and always had the best the best experience! So happy she lets me still come to her office, I wouldn't go anywhere else." Shaday H. 

"My children have been attending Tooth Fairy World for over 10yrs.and have no intention of going anywhere else. Dr.  Vitiello and staff provide a warm and comfortable environment. My son is autistic and he is at ease with Dr. V., which is reassuring to me. My daughter also has a very good relationship with Dr. V. and I have never had any billing issues with TFW." Desiree P.